Unique Party Entertainment Ideas

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Unique Party Entertainment That Guests Are Guaranteed To Talk About For Years!

Watch your guests’ jaws hit the floor when Kennedy tells them what they’re thinking.

He’ll knock Great Aunt Mildred’s little pop-socks off when he tells her where she went on holiday, and skeptical ‘Gary from Next Door’ will be utterly bamboozled when Kennedy tells him his favourite meal, not to mention the nieces and nephews guffawing as he tells them the word they just looked at and you won’t be able to contain yourself when he tells you the drawing you just made - your guests are going to talk about it for years.

It can be tricky to come up with entertainment ideas for your special occasion so yours doesn’t just blend in to all of the other parties people have been to, isn’t it?

Especially when you know that there’s two things people remember about every party they go to, “the food and the funny” - that’s what they eat, and the entertainment.

Get in touch and we can have a chat about what Kennedy can do for your event.

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How About These Unique Entertainment Ideas

Unique Wedding Entertainment

Break the ice between your families and friends. Beautiful Brides (and equally handsome Grooms) looking for a way to make their big day different to every other wedding absolutely love having Kennedy perform right after the wedding breakfast or at the evening reception. With the speeches out of the way, it’s time to relax and have fun. Kennedy’s interactive comedy mind reading performances are perfect for engaging the whole room, breaking the ice and giving everyone something they will remember forever. …just make sure your photographer isn’t on a break, you won’t want to miss the photos of your friends and family laughing and looking stunned! Kennedy can even create special performance pieces that incorporate details of your big day to give you a special memory of your special day too.

Private Parties

Whatever you’re celebrating, make sure everyone has a great time that they will absolutely love boasting about! Kennedy performs at all kinds of events, from small groups of 6 up to large functions of thousands. If you want to make sure everyone is having a great time, get in touch and let’s have a chat about how Kennedy can do this for you.

Our guests were fascinated and still talk about his show months later! It was many of our guests favorite part of the day!
Amy Hamilton, Bride
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Kennedy reading minds on stage with a camera

Hire A Mind Reader

When Kennedy steps into your guests’ minds and reveals their thoughts they’re going to cheer. When he predicts their choices they’re going to gasp. And when he wraps it all in his phenomenal wit, they’re going to be thanking you for one of the best events they’ve ever been to. Just imagine all of the Instagram photos, tweets and Facebook posts that’ll be appearing after everyone is blown away by some of the most unique entertainment they have ever experienced!

An absolute delight to work with before, during and after the event. Tremendous. I love the idea that all our guests are sitting at home today over the Sunday papers, saying "how did he do that?!"
Jane Bradshaw, Ruby Wedding Anniversary
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