So, just who is…
That mind reader guy?

Charming Mind Reader and Very Funny Man!

Kennedy has the uncanny ability to figure you out.

Using a patchwork of techniques that include playing the odds, a keen understanding of human psychology, subtle influence, a phenomenal memory and exceptional observation skills - it looks a lot like he can read the minds of perfect strangers.

Praised for his sharp observational wit, warmth and ability to engage and endear audiences of all sizes; from 6 people at a private dining experience to thousands in conference halls - it’s no wonder that Kennedy is one of the most sought-after entertainers in the world right now.

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Kennedy That Mind Reader Guy Performing In London
I would recommend without hesitation Kennedy to any group looking to be utterly amazed from start to finish!
Maersk Line
Kennedy amazed the whole audience and lifted the spirits in the entire room! I would definitely recommend Kennedy to anyone for corporate entertainment.
Trinity Mirror
Kennedy delivered a enigmatic performance tailored to support the key aims and messages of our conference...refreshingly different and highly recommended!
Newcastle Building Society

A Brief History

You’d never guess from his accent, but Kennedy was born and raised just outside of Newcastle Upon Tyne. He can’t believe it either! At 7 years old, young Kennedy brought his mother to tears as he described the living room of a cottage she had lived in 12 years before. He described the wallpaper, the furniture and even the way she was feeling at the time.

Was this psychic phenomenon? Probably not.

He thinks he was probably aware of the fashions of the time and was feeding back observations he’d made, perhaps even on a subconscious level. But it was still mightily powerful.

Aunt Valerie from Corby came to stay, she’d only just dropped her cases at the foot of the stairs and taken a single sip of her Bacardi and Coke when 12-year-old Kennedy asked her about a letter that she was keeping inside of a bible that she’d never told anyone about. This one is still a mystery.

It’s these types of events that most likely sparked Kennedy’s passion for the unexplained. His parents Joan and Eric couldn’t believe their luck when their 18-year-old son told them that rather than being a doctor or a lawyer, he was going to travel the world reading people’s minds and making them laugh.

Honestly, they should have known that their son was destined for something other that the usual type of job.

As a child Kennedy fell in love with the theatre, auditioned for the RSC and studied a BA (Hons) in Drama. It turns out that Drama students make cracking guinea pigs for mind games - who’d have thought?

Yes, he should have seen that coming…

Now he combines his theatrical training, creativity, wit and skills of reading people to travel the world, where he specialises in having a huge impact by creating incredible memories.

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