With so many different performance styles and techniques being called upon by modern day magicians, from traditional sleight of hand and misdirection to hypnosis, mind control and precognition, it can be difficult to define mentalist performers and file them neatly under a specific category.

As a psychological magician, Kennedy is even more difficult to label but there is in fact a clear difference between performers who trick the eye and those that fool the mind.

Turning tradition on its head

Whilst traditional images of a magician conjure up an individual in a cape pulling a rabbit out of a top hat, the world according to psychological magicians is very different. Unlike traditional magicians, a psychological magician uses tricks of the mind to inspire acts that are often written off as supernatural. A variety of techniques are used to create this unique performance art, including mentalism and mind reading, and with psychological magicians like Derren Brown and Kennedy utilising studies of psychology, body and behaviour in different circles, psychological magic has become a particularly popular if not unusual form of entertainment throughout the corporate and dinner party scenes.

About Kennedy

Kennedy’s love for psychological magic developed at an early age, and as a child his passion for observation and learning saw him cultivate the skills he needed to understand tarot and give unbelievably accurate readings to friends and family members. His fascination with the unexplained continued into his teenage years and he pursued his studies of psychology and body language from the age of 14. It was during his time at university that really cemented his progress and skill set, and the rest they say is history!

See it for yourself

It’s all well and good explaining which approaches are taken by modern psychological mind readers for events, but seeing the act for yourself is what really puts things in perspective. Kennedy offers a number of services for those looking for unique corporate entertainment or some light relief after dinner. His corporate cabaret act is particularly popular; delivered as a 30 minute, 45 minute or hour long set, this package has been called upon by big name brands from multiple sectors, such as Argos, Mercedes Benz, RAC, Mars and Newcastle Building Society.

For smaller groups, Kennedy also provides dinner party entertainment options, whilst his after dinner entertainment set is the perfect option for product launches, conferences and award shows.

Discover more about the long list of psychological mind reading services offered by Kennedy by calling 0203 47 555 47 or emailing enquiries@mindofkennedy.co.uk.

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