The Ultimate Guide to Kennedy’s Speaking and Entertainment Services

As a leading mind reading act, Kennedy’s psychological skills are a thing of awe to audiences everywhere, and he offers a range of services to ensure guests at events of all shapes, sizes and niches can be equally entertained. Whether you’d like to impress your staff, shareholders, customers or fellow industry experts at a corporate event or need to wow family, friends, colleagues or even acquaintances at a private engagement, Kennedy has the show for you.

Corporate cabaret

A corporate event is the way to make your company shine in its respective market, and holding conferences and other commercial gatherings is a tact used by organisations of all types, regardless of what industry sector they call home. In the same breath, corporate events are great for showing your staff or customers that you appreciate them and their hard work or custom. Entertainment is an integral part of making your event a sensation, and with more than a decade of experience working the corporate scene Kennedy has the skills to raise awareness, promote your key messages and inspire audience members.

His Kennected show, which has been specially designed and developed for human resources and personnel teams, is particularly successful and helps organisations improve co-operation and collaboration, introduce organisational change, motivate workers at all levels, and support hard-working staff members.

After dinner

Putting on a good show after dinner is just as important, if not more so, than putting on a good spread, and Kennedy’s after dinner entertainment service gives you the means to do just that. Available as a 30 minute, 45 minute or hour long set, guests will be amazed and enthused by Kennedy’s unique style.

Award ceremony

Award ceremonies have a glittering reputation, after all celebrating the achievements of your staff, sales people, customers or suppliers shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whatever the prizes and accolades on offer, keeping your entire audience engaged can be a struggle, that’s where Kennedy comes in! Kennedy has performed at numerous award dinners, and his wit and humour creates the perfect balance between highlighting the achievements of award winners and nominees, and ensuring no one gets left out.

Product launch

Introducing a product, service or wider brand to your target audience, especially in the most competitive marketplaces, isn’t easy, and product launch events provide the ideal way to shine the spotlight on the new kid on the block. Kennedy has worked with countless companies to create and deliver a bespoke presentation at product launches of all types, and can do the same for you, whether it is a new product you are launching, a new piece of machinery that you’ve invested in or a new team member that you are welcoming.

Dinner party

It’s not just corporate events, like conferences, product launches, and award ceremonies, that Kennedy performs at, his dinner party entertainment services are renowned on the private dining scene. Intimate dinners, evenings and lunches can all be catered for and your guests suitably impressed.

Want to know more about Kennedy’s speaking and entertainment services? Get in touch today on 0203 47 555 47 or email

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