Kennedy hasn’t always been the mind reader that you see before you today, he has been on an epic journey of learning, and his knowledge of influence, people-reading and memory is now unrivalled. As you can imagine becoming a leading psychological mind reading act isn’t easy and whilst his talents weren’t realised until much later, his story and interest in psychology, body and behaviour started when he was as he puts it ‘a shadow of his former self’. Here we reveal the path that Kennedy took from a shy and studious 14 year old to the corporate entertainer you see today…

Where it all began

As we’ve mentioned Kennedy began exploring his fascination with the mind reading basics like observing, watching and learning when he was a teenager, and always gives a special shout out to the friends and parents of friends that were subjected to his readings when he first began learning tarot. For as long as he can remember however Kennedy has always had an obsession with the unexplained, finding UFOs, hauntings, séances and Uri Geller the most fascinating of all, factors of which contributed to the beginnings of his knowledge of psychological trickery.

The age of 19 was when he really started to take his love for all things strange seriously, and whilst studying a degree in drama at Northumbria University he would spend his spare time perfecting his skills, his main haunt at the time being Frankie & Benny’s in Newcastle. It was here where the games begun…

Kennedy today

As a corporate entertainer Kennedy is proud to say that he has worked around the world delivering a unique form of entertainment to guests at all manner of events, from commercial shindigs such as conferences, award dinners and product launches to private gatherings including dinner parties and other intimate occasions. His incredible demonstrations haven’t gone unnoticed and he counts huge household names as his loyal clients. Kennedy’s clients include Mercedes Benz, Argos, RAC, Mars, Mensa, Proctor & Gamble, Asda, Thomson Holidays, Yahoo, Johnson & Johnson, NHS and ITV.

Kennedy provides a plethora of services to showcase his psychological mind reading and keynote speaking skills to audiences of all shapes and sizes, such as after dinner entertainment, corporate cabaret, corporate awards dinner performances, dinner party entertainment and bespoke product launches.

To discover more about Kennedy’s background, his wide range of speaking and entertainment services, and his current availability, please contact Vicki Graham on 0203 47 555 47 or email

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