Performing My Mind Reading Act At A Charity Fundraiser For St Theresa

The Best Charity Fundraiser Idea You'll Ever Have


The trick with fundraisers and charity events is to find something to get people clamouring to buy tickets that is then so good that your charity stays in their minds (and hearts) so they support you long term.

Let me tell you how I did thatat a recent event for St. Theresa's Hospice in Darlington...

While I've made my living performing at conference and corporate events for 15 years now, Ido get a real buzz from helping charities to have an impact too.

The photo above is of my client, Jane who booked me for the St Theresa's Hospice annual charity ball. What a fabulous lady!

(She booked me after having already hired me to perform at her wedding anniversary a few months before).


I wanted to make sure that everyone there at the event would leave with a big 'wow-factor' that would imprint this special date and special cause into their minds.

Not only would they go and tell their friends and work colleagues about my performance, but they'd talk about the charity and keep them in mind for longer term support.


I wove a special message throughout the show that lead to a big climax where randomly thought-of numbers named by guests matched a prediction I made, which also happened to be that day's date!

How will anyone ever forget that?

Especially when my prediction was posted all over social media!

Mind reader Kennedy predicts total of randomly named numbers for charity ball


I put a lot of work in behind the scenes to create really special performances that are engaging and interactive so that everyone leaves having experienced something amazing and unforgettable.

If you're organising a fundraiser, a charity dinner or any kind of event - drop me a line using the enquiry form below and we can have a chat about what might be possible.

- K

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