Whilst as a leading mind reader for events, Kennedy makes a living from providing a rather unique form of entertainment based on his equally distinctive psychological mind reading skills, it is important to remember that with the right know-how and experience everyone has the potential to boost their mind reading powers. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a psychic to read another individual’s mind, there are in fact a number of ways that you can hone your mind reading skills, many of which we will explore in the following post.

Ok, so you might not become the next Derren Brown or Kennedy but you can master the science of prediction and create your very own party trick in the process.

Invest in a good book

According to a recent study aptly called the ‘Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test (RMET)’ those who read literary fiction on a regular basis, including mainstream works and more popular writings, scored highly when it came to theory of mind examinations. The relationship between these two areas has long been studied by psychologists, and whilst reading your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey from cover to cover is unlikely to get your mind reading powers on point, reading even short literary excerpts was proven to help individuals to recognise and even predict the emotions felt by others.

The RMET presented participants with 36 pairs of eyes and four emotions that were being communicated, those who read fiction regularly scored highly.

No magic required

Being aware of emotional cues is one must that means mind reading isn’t magic at all. Honing certain qualities, such as active empathy, will not only help you enrich relationships with those closest to you but also respond to and understand the words or gestures communicated with you. Accurately reading a person’s mood is easier said than done, however, studying body language can enhance the precision of a reading further.

You can practice your emotional cue and body language reading skills on pretty much everyone to gain more experience from your best mate to a stranger on the street!

Learn from the expert

Many on stage mind readers for events are often uncooperative when it comes to sharing just how they do what they do but Kennedy’s show teaches you (some of) the secrets that could leave you wowing long after you have left his show. Whether you are looking to organise a corporate event with a difference or want to add a memorable twist to an upcoming dinner party, Kennedy can be called upon. Contact us today on 0203 47 555 47 to discuss Kennedy’s availability.

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