How Can Your Business Benefit from Hosting an Awards Dinner?

Whether you are celebrating the achievements of your staff or sales people, or acknowledging customer loyalty or supplier

success, hosting an awards dinner is so much more than another excuse to throw a corporate bash! As a premier corporate entertainer, Kennedy has seen it all and helped to make awards dinners and other corporate events extra special with his unique style of entertainment. Here we explore just how your business can benefit from hosting a glittering awards ceremony and reveal the golden rules that every discerning event organiser lives by to achieve an awards dinner that is slicker than the average.

Why should you throw an awards dinner?

Whatever you want to call it, an awards dinner or ceremony offers a bevy of benefits for brands of all shapes, sizes and niches. In addition to providing the perfect platform to reward the people that make your brand what it is – your staff, salespeople, suppliers, customers and shareholders all have a part to play – an awards dinner is an excellent opportunity to keep these key players engaged or re-engage them with your brand and its products or services.

If organised and hosted correctly, an awards dinner has the potential to show every guest at your ceremony just how much you value them, not just the people who win the coveted accolades presented.

What top tips will help me organise an unforgettable event?

There are many factors that must be considered when organising a memorable awards ceremony, and it all starts with your budget. Whether you have a strict or unlimited production budget, being realistic about costs and knowing what you want to achieve from every penny is important. Your stage design and overall decoration of your venue will be a major expenditure, however you mustn’t forget the impact that entertainment has on the night itself.

Kennedy’s corporate awards dinner performances ensure the presentation of awards and everything in between is fun, focused and unforgettable. Alongside lighting and music, corporate dinner entertainment ensures that the atmosphere at your event is on-point and all your guests have a great time, feel valued and involved, and have something to talk about at the office water cooler for weeks or even months to come.

Become one step closer to the perfect corporate awards dinner by contacting Kennedy today. Call 0203 47 555 47 or email for further information.

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