Hire A Mind Reader For Your Events

Hire A Mind Reader Clients Cannot Stop Talking About


When you make the decision to hire a mind reader like Kennedy, you're guaranteeing your guests, colleagues and friends an unbelievable event to remember for the rest of their lives.

I think the reason I've been so popular with companies looking to book a mind reader for their events is down to the fact I like to do things differently.

First off, my mind reading act is interactive. So when I'm booked to perform I engage everyone in the room in demonstrations that look a lot like I am read people's thoughts right out of their minds.

Have a quick look at this video which pulls together some clips of me reading minds at events over the past 15 years, it'll give you a good idea about what I might be able to do for you:

I like to do things differently to most other mind readers too.

Rather than just showing up at your event and performing whatever I fancy, I tend to work a little more closely with the people who book me in order to understand more about your event and company.

Using this I can then create demonstrations which integrate key messages, themes,and principals.

Not only does this make each show really unique, but it also makes your messages moresticky in the minds of everyone there.

If you drop me a quick email (or give me a call), my assistant, Melanie will be able to schedule a time for us to have a more detailed chat about what I could do for you at your event.

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