Christmas is the time of year where celebrating with friends, family and work colleagues is always on the agenda, and the dinner party is the ideal setting to do just that. There are many steps you can take to ensure you host a seasonal dinner party worth remembering, and food and drink aside, entertainment is a vital part of the winning formula, but how can you guarantee that you choose dinner party entertainment that is slicker than the average and a sure-fire route to plenty of laughs and a few gasps? By hiring Kennedy of course!

Make your private dinner party sizzle

Throwing a private dinner party for your nearest and dearest is the ideal way to show off your beautifully decorated home, subject your guests to your seasonally inspired kitchen creations and enjoy plenty of good times before the main event on Christmas Day, especially if you can’t all celebrate together on the day itself.

If you are having your guests over for dinner, then choosing Kennedy as your dinner party entertainer will add an extra twist to proceedings. Whether it’s friends, family, colleagues, neighbours or acquaintances that you are looking to entertain, Kennedy’s private dining show will bridge the gap between courses or add an unforgettable flourish to draw your evening to a close. Suitable for groups of between 8 and 35 people, his dinner party entertainment set consists of fun interactions and mind reading games that explore all the mysteries of the human psyche.

Hosting a corporate dinner party?

Dinner parties are an intimate way to spend time not just with the people that are closest to you, but the individuals you see almost every day at work. Many companies, particularly those with a small amount of employees, are going against the traditional way of celebrating the end of the year and the approach of Christmas by opting out of the office party and going for an intimate corporate evening or lunch.

Make your corporate dinner party so much more than great food and drink by enlisting Kennedy as your dinner party entertainer. Again this private dining show is suitable for groups of 8 to 35, and his comic style and witty repartee has the power to entertain people from all backgrounds, whether you are hosting a dinner party for your employees or schmoozing shareholders, stakeholders and board members.

For further information about Kennedy’s private dining shows or to check his availability for Christmas, New Year and beyond, get in touch on 0203 47 555 47. Alternatively, please email

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