Corporate Entertainment Ideas: What Can HR and Personnel Teams Expect?

The corporate entertainment world is filled with acts that all claim they are the best of the best, but for the businesses looking to hire a corporate event entertainer and attempting to sort the wheat from the chaff, knowing what to expect is important. For professionals working in human resources or personnel teams, corporate events are an integral part of a company’s culture, and exploring beyond the usual realms of the imagination and considering alternative corporate entertainment ideas is an excellent way to make your upcoming event stand out from the rest.

Psychological mind reader Kennedy is one act that offers a unique breath of fresh air when hiring entertainment for a corporate event, but why exactly should you hire him? And how can human resources and personnel teams benefit in particular?

Enlisting Kennedy as your corporate entertainer

Kennedy has a fascinating story, with an interest in Uri Geller, the unexplained, UFOs, hauntings, séances and psychological trickery leading him to a career as one of the UK’s most prolific mind reading acts. Over a course of 12 years, Kennedy has been a prominent figure on the corporate entertainment scene, and he has provided his services, including his keynote speaking package, to a range of big brand names, such as Thomson Holidays, Asda, Proctor & Gamble, RAC, Argos, Johnson & Johnson, Mercedes Benz and Renault.

Kennected – The benefits

Kennedy’s show ‘Kennected’ is a particularly popular option for those looking for entertainment for employee-focussed events. As well as calling on his unique blend of wit and psychological mind reading, the show unlocks a number of benefits for the human resources and personnel teams that it is designed for.

In addition to working with brands to share key company messages, Kennected focusses on promoting cooperation and collaboration to ensure teams have the skills they need to work together to achieve so much more for the wider business, both inside and outside of the office. Organisational change is another consideration during the show as Kennedy uses incredible demonstrations to help employees accept the unknown. Staff are also sure to feel motivated and appreciated after an encounter with Kennedy’s first class entertainment show.

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