Corporate Dinner Entertainment: Why Does My Event Need It?

We’ve all been there, at a corporate event, wondering what’s happening next. Some of you may have even been subjected to some sort of ‘entertainer’ but hiring professional corporate dinner entertainment needn’t be a low point! Thanks to Kennedy’s unique after dinner entertainment services you can enjoy an act that is slicker than the average with incredible demonstrations that will leave your audience wanting more, not running for the exit.

The benefits of enlisting a professional entertainer to take to the stage at your corporate event are endless, read on to discover more…

Support your key messages

Whilst the onus of an event is to entertain your attendees, at a corporate gathering you must be able to meet your business objectives and justify why holding such an event is beneficial and great value for money. With more than 10 years spent working the corporate scene, Kennedy understands that supporting your company’s key messages is important, after all, without this your event will be just like any other.

As well as delivering an unforgettable performance - with ‘hilarious’, ‘incredible’ and ‘thought-provoking’ just some of the words used to describe Kennedy’s after dinner entertainment style – Kennedy works to help you fulfil your commercial goals, whether you want to show appreciation, promote organisational change or improve collaboration and co-operation company-wide.

Boost attendance

The average corporate event doesn’t have everyone jumping for joy, in fact, many guests may opt to avoid such occasions but you’re more likely to get more people excited and wanting to attend if you can guarantee a good time. Entertainment is a vital part of fulfilling this promise.

Create that coveted ‘hype’

This goes hand-in-hand with our previous point, and whether you want to admit it or not, as an event organiser being one of the few to create a ‘hype’ is definitely on your most wanted list. For corporate dinner entertainment with a difference, Kennedy is your man. As one of the UK’s leading psychological mind reading acts, Kennedy has been a guaranteed talking point at numerous events, including recent engagements for Argos, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Mars, Tarmac, Martin McColls, RAC, and Johnson & Johnson, and offers something that audience members have never seen before and are unlikely to forget.

To find out more about Kennedy’s availability or to request further information, call 0203 47 555 47 or email

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