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A Client, Thomas Hardy Brewery, And Their Annual Company Traders' Evening


I was asked to perform at the Annual Traders' Evening for Thomas Hardy Packaging. This annual corporate event is key to engaging suppliers and customers of the family firm.

The organiser, Rae got in touch about wanting some special entertainment for their annual dinner where they invite suppliers, customers and key stakeholders in their family firm.

Well, that's right up my street,isn't it?

The purpose of the event is to maintain their relationships with the key people in the business.

Like most of my bookings, Rae had seen me perform at another event earlier in the year and wanted to have me to add what she called 'the wow factor' to this year's event.

The event, hosted in the stunning Compass Room of the Lowry in central Manchester, overlooking Media City was a roaring success.

Then a few days later I was catching up on what David Attenborough had discovered at the bottom of the sea, while checking my emails on my phone and received an email from the organiser.

I thought it might be nice to paste Rae's email below togive you an idea of what I do and how much my clients love it.

"Having seen your act earlier this year, I thought it would be something completely different for our Annual Company Traders’ Evening. I wasn’t wrong!!

However, it wasn’t only different for the Company, but so many of our guests have commented that they had never seen anything quite like it before! Everyone loved your performance – people have talked about little else!!

It was fun, inclusive, innovative and stunningly brilliant. The only ‘sound’ was as people’s chins hit the floor!! It was indeed jaw-dropping!!

One guy said that if it hadn’t been his wife that you involved, he would have been convinced that there had been collusion – somehow!!"

Thomas Hardy Corporate Event

"A couple of my people said next morning, that they had been lying awake half the night – trying to work out how on earth you did it!!

You were wonderful to work with – I was so sorry we kept you waiting, but you coped brilliantly! You were incredibly reassuring to those you chose as ‘accomplices’ - and you fitted in perfectly with the occasion, the guests, staff and hosts!

I had very high expectations, but you managed to surpass them all!!

I would definitely recommend you – to keep 120 people spellbound, in the palm of your hand, for 45 minutes is a real gift – you have it in spades………..……………….or maybe hearts!!

My street-cred with the Board has sky-rocketed – for which I am hugely grateful!! So, again – Thank You!!"

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