Arranging a Party & Struggling with a Unique Entertainment Idea? #itsagift

Dinner parties are the ultimate way to connect with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and even acquaintances, and even if the company’s not up to scratch you can always seek comfort in some great food and drink. Yes, the dinner party scene is thriving nationwide, but as the traditional dinner party evolves, the average guest just isn’t satisfied with the standard three course meal accompanied by a playlist of easy listening tunes.

The secret to hosting any party that isn’t labelled as boring has to be laying on some great entertainment. Whilst the ‘tired’ and tested entertainment options are an easy route for all, searching for a dinner party entertainer that is unique is a much better alternative. Cue Kennedy’s dinner party entertainment service…

Entertainment that just keeps on giving

Entertaining a crowd of your nearest and dearest isn’t a task that is relished lightly. Kennedy’s unique set uses a mixture of memory, people reading and influence to guarantee incredible demonstrations that will leave your guests’ minds blown. They don’t call him That Mind Reading Guy for nothing!

Kennedy’s dinner party entertainment package calls upon the traditional ‘read my mind’ games and many other things that you would simply not expect from a dinner party entertainer. Team this with his comic style and sharp wit, and it’s safe to say that your guests are in for a great night, that won’t be so easily forgotten.

Suitable for all venues

Kennedy has entertained at his fair share of industry wide conferences, glittering award ceremonies and highly anticipated product launches, but nothing compares to performing at an intimate event like a dinner or private party. Kennedy can entertain your guests at your home or another venue of your choice, including private dining rooms.

Recommended for all

We understand that private parties and dining experiences aren’t just the domain of those closest to you, nowadays many individuals use events like these to get to know their neighbours, connect with colleagues outside of the office, share corporate successes with shareholders, stakeholders and board members, or even engage with complete strangers! Whatever the circumstances surrounding your guest list, Kennedy can entertain them all with his light hearted and fun mind reading act.

In short, as long as your group consists of 8 to 35 people, anything goes. For private and corporate groups larger than 35 people, Kennedy’s after dinner entertainment services may be better suited.

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