When it comes to perfecting your psychological mind reading skills as much knowledge can be taken from the past as it can from developing new techniques and improving the tried and tested ones that we have come to rely on. Kennedy’s fascination with the unexplained and the world of the psychic began some years ago, and as well as studying psychology, body and behaviour intensely from his teenage years right up to the present day, learning more about the fascinating history of mind reading was also a great passion of his.

Here we take a closer look at the history of mind reading and mentalism so you can understand how it all began and just how far this unique type of performing art has come.

Where it all began

Mentalism is the umbrella term used for a number of performance arts, including hypnosis, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, mind reading and even rapid mathematics. Whilst some of the techniques used by mind readers today have the potential to shock and leave audiences in awe, many of the presentation styles are hundreds if not thousands of years old, with accounts of mentalists performing such acts found in ancient Greek literature and the Old Testament of the Bible.

The pioneers of magic and mentalism

Specific performance styles and mentalism techniques have been constantly developing ever since, however many of their inventors have got lost in the pages of history. The pioneer of the sleight of hand technique is thought to be Girolamo Scotto, an Italian ‘jack of all trades’, who was accredited for his work as a printer, composer, businessman and bookseller during the 16th century.

These days modern day pioneers include the likes of Derren Brown, Banachek and our very own Kennedy, who have become known for their contemporary performance styles.

Psychological mind reading with Kennedy

Kennedy’s performance style in particular draws on his studies of psychology and body language to deliver something different to audiences of all shapes and sizes. His unique after dinner entertainment and corporate cabaret act calls on an infectious mix of psychology, prediction, mind reading and acid tongue comedy to leave guests in a state of disbelief.

In addition to providing entertainment for the corporate scene, his dinner party package ensures more intimate events and gatherings are fully catered for, whether you are entertaining a small group of friends, family members, colleagues or acquaintances at home or in a private setting. Whatever your entertainment needs, call Kelly Cairns today on 0203 47 555 47 or email enquiries@mindofkennedy.co.uk to find out more about Kennedy’s services and availability.

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