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A big star!

Northern Echo

Looking for a Conference Entertainer?

When it comes to organising a conference, entertainment is often the key to your event being a standout success and a fantastic flop, but here at Mind of Kennedy, we specialise in making conferences bigger and better than rival events. [&hellip

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How to Get Your Voice Heard at Your Upcoming Event

A key part of any event is portraying the key messages that your company wishes to be heard to your guests, and whilst many organisations choose to do this in a rather humdrum and monotone way, getting creative could just [&hellip

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Choosing Kennedy as Your Dinner Party Entertainer

As well as catering to both large and small corporate clients, Kennedy can also be seen entertaining in a dining room near you! His dinner party entertainment packages provide something a little slicker than the average for more intimate events, [&hellip

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Introducing ‘Mr Persuasion’…

As Kennedy has proven corporate events don’t have to be a yawn fest, his innovative mind reading performance has won hearts and blown minds, and provided mind reading with a twist. Kennedy’s style of physiological mind reading mixes wit, humour [&hellip

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Unique Corporate Entertainer For Your Events This Year

This year more companies are looking to hire a unique corporate entertainer that guests have not seen before. Finding something that fits the bill can be pretty challenging, can’t it? I perform as a psychological mind reader for events across [&hellip

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