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People still mention the show two and a bit years down the line!

Insitute Of Legal Executives

How Good Corporate Entertainment Can Make Every Event a Success

Planning a great event isn’t just about getting the seating plan and menu right, spending some of your budget, however big or small, on a corporate entertainment act can make a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you are hosting [&hellip

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Choosing the Right Corporate Entertainer for Your Event

As well as getting the location, theme and guest list right, choosing a corporate entertainer that complements your event and its wider aims is also essential to its success. Nowadays the world is jam packed with weird, wonderful and unique [&hellip

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An Amazing Event Idea I Learned From A Chicken Tikka Masala

Today’s real-world psychological event insight is one simple technique you can use in many different ways to have a greater impact on your guests and have them talking about your events afterwards. Recently I moved to the coast. Now when [&hellip

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Looking for a Conference Entertainer?

When it comes to organising a conference, entertainment is often the key to your event being a standout success and a fantastic flop, but here at Mind of Kennedy, we specialise in making conferences bigger and better than rival events. [&hellip

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Mind of Kennedy – Offering the Best Corporate Entertainment Ideas for Your Event

Presenting the cream of the crop is what corporate events are all about, and putting your best foot forward in the entertainment department is what usually sorts the wheat from the chaff. Whether your event is about conveying your company’s [&hellip

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