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Derek Carpenter, Enviro Tech Europe Limited

DJ George Elliott Saves The Lives Of Children In Asia

Posted on by Kennedy

Music really is in my soul. And the genres range from dance and trace to R’n’B all the way through to classical, musicals and hard rock. I’m quite the eclectic. Recently a friend of ours introduced us to her fella [&hellip

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What Has This Northern Mind Reader Been Up To? (Sounds All Secretive Doesn’t It?)

I’ve had a few comments from people saying that, for a person who was an avid Facebooker and Twitterer I’ve gone a bit quiet. I think that they suspect me of mischievous secret goings on. Its sounds a bit strange [&hellip

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Unique Canapés For Your Next Event

It’s the small things that make the big difference. You hardly feel the pitter-patter of a snowflake, but together they create an avalanche which you’d probably pay more attention to. Event planners know it’s the same deal with the small [&hellip

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Our Gifts Transcend Culture and Language

When eating a quiet relaxed lunch on a beach in Mexico, I had no idea that I’d experience one of the most magical things of my life. After lunch was eaten, the local ‘Magic Man’ and I drew a crowd [&hellip

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A Thank You Video (And An Apology Video – All In One)

Hello – your most favourite mind reader here again. I realised that I’ve not made a video blog in such a long time, and since I’m in the most beautiful part of the world I thought it’d make a cracking [&hellip

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