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Motivating People To Do Your Bidding

July 22nd, 2012 by Kennedy

Simple question really, what makes you tick?  Not the tick, tick, tick with annoyance, although that’s a subject for another rant one day.  I’m talking about what motivates you.  Motivation is something we really take for granted but think about it, without it, why would you bother getting out of bed.  Why would you bother doing anything at all.  You probably wouldn’t everything would grind to a shuddering halt so how does this motivation thing really work.

Well, the theory says that everything relates back to a small group of very basic needs, food, shelter, keeping yourself safe and not really a lot else.  You can find out more about this (if you really must) by Googling Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, otherwise you can stick right here for the Kennedy view on how it all works, especially at work.  Ask yourself what do you get from work.  Why is it important?  Why do you go to work?

If you wrote a list of the reasons why what makes people feel satisfied, what motivates them most – pound to a penny you’d put wonga at the top of the list but that’s not the case.  People are a bit more complicated than that.

In no particular order (as the realty TV host said to the actress and the bishop…) security, identity and stimulation just  about cover it.


We all need to depend on the world we live in.  It has to be predictable for us to stand any chance of making sense of it.  How can you depend on your world?  Can those around you depend on you?   At work this is important because job security, especially these days, is a really valuable commodity to have – go talk to the boss about job security.


We all like to think that we are individuals but is that really the case?  How many of us have been on a stag or hen night and worn one of those T-shirts or hats that strip away your individuality and brand you as a member of a tribe?  Most of us I’ll bet.  People always feel the need to belong to one group or another and simply love to wear the badge of office.  Don’t believe me?  Explain Social Networking then.  If it wasn’t for the motivation to create an identity Mark Zuckerberg would probably still be studying at Harvard.


Lastly there’s stimulation.  Now this one stretches things a bit thin but apparently we all need to be challenged.  Looking for new, exciting opportunities and gaining new capabilities makes us feel good.  Apparently this is the case at work but I wonder if this is a tar brush to far.  Do you always want to struggle with something new?  Sometimes I wish the world would stop changing so I could just enjoy what I already know.  Thinking about it, I’d probably get bored so maybe it’s right.

So, come on then hit me with it – what motivated you?


Amy Evans
Amy Evans
14:54 15 Mar 17
Kennedy was very professional, really entertaining and completely different to what we have booked in the past in terms of an after dinner speaker and entertainment. The performance amazed the whole audience and really lifted the spirits in the entire room in time for our formal proceedings.I would definitely recommend Kennedy to anyone looking for corporate entertainment.
james Sheeran
james Sheeran
08:35 16 Mar 17
What a fantastic night’s entertainment Mind of Kennedy provided. Some of the stuff he did is still being talked about at our company days after! Make sure you book him for your corporate event; you won’t be disappointed!
Kerry Celeste
Kerry Celeste
11:10 09 Feb 17
Absolutely spectacular show! Never seen anything like it. We were all mesmerised from beginning to end. I can highly recommend Kennedy’s show to anyone looking for entertainment for a party, wedding or corporate event. He really was outstanding and kept us all laughing & on the edge of our seats all night!
IAmy Amy
IAmy Amy
11:41 24 Aug 16
Jane Bradshaw
Jane Bradshaw
12:44 10 Jul 17
(Feedback about our ruby wedding party last night) – Kennedy was absolutely fantastic. Not only did he work the room really well, and include people from different parts of the room, which is so important, but also he was an absolute delight to work with before, during and after the event... no trouble at all and completely accommodating. The act was tremendous and I love the idea that all our guests are sitting at home today over the Sunday papers, saying "how did he do that?!" I would have no hesitation in recommending Kennedy to anyone I know. Best wishes and thanks again to Kennedy for entertaining all our guests so well at our party. Jane & Pete Bradshaw
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