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Going Through The Change (And Why I’m Leaving The Art Of Mentalism)

Posted on by Kennedy

Do I have your attention? It’s important that I do because this is a pretty large step. The industry name for what I do is not ‘mind reading’ or ‘psychological games master’, but Mentalism. Hence the CBS TV-show The Mentalist.

Before I go in to what’s changed and what this means for me, and more importantly for you, let me tell you the honest truth of my underlying reasons and purpose for doing all of this mind-reading stuff.

“I may well remove this post…”

I’ve never talked about this before, and may very well remove this post before to long, as it might get a little to much and even contradict my ‘brand’. We’ll see.

Something I’ve never shared before is my underlying aim, purpose and the thing that has driven me to keep doing what I do. That ‘thing’ was to push, to really push very hard the art of mentalism. It is an art after all.

I wasn’t content with how safe it had all become, how ‘nice’ it all was and how almost every performer spent so much time and effort to be ‘liked’. I’ve never been that guy. I’ve always held strongly to the idiom that it’s not my job to make you like me. Anyway, we’re getting side-tracked.

I came in to this Mentalism wanting to be ‘the controversial one’, the ‘one who pushed people out of their comfort zones’ and that was done by a combination of what I’d perform (Russian Roulette with Colt Magnums from that age of 19) and what I’d say (the jokes).

All in the name of art.

Entirely New Material

But I’m leaving the ‘art’ part of this behind. And yes, I’m thinking about going mainstream. Right now I am writing a new act of almost entirely new material (I’ll continue memorising a deck of cards in under 2 minutes) but i’ll no longer be bound by my ‘art’. Instead I’m going to be committed to our guests, audiences and your thorough enjoyment.

When I told a colleague about my plans for this paradigm shift he enquired why on earth I’d do such a thing. The only words that I can use to express this is that I’ve matured. I’ve matured yes as a person, but also as an act. Suddenly I am far more committed in spreading enjoyment and wonder than I am to ‘pushing the art’. And that’s what I’ll be doing.

Will it happen over night? No, not at all. But it’s happening. The rewrite is underway. The rehearsals will come next.

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